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JSN Update 10/20/09

Posted by JoAnn on October 20, 2009


Coach Hinkle Honored

Former Ravenswood High School coach Dale Hinkle was one of six inductees into the West Virginia Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame this past weekend in Charleston. Hinkle was an assistant coach for just one year and then took the helm of the Red Devil grapplers for two-and-a-half decades. During his tenure, 10 Ravenswood wrestlers won state championships while he produced 48 state placers and 94 state qualifiers. Hinkle retired from teaching five years ago and stopped substituting last year. Many congrats, coach!

Charges Dropped Against Sullivan … For Now

Remember the 50+ people arrested in July for an alleged Jackson County meth ring? ( Local attorney Jessica Sullivan, class of ’96, was due to stand trial Oct. 13 on eight felony counts of possession of substances to be used as a precursor to manufacture methamphetamine and eight felony counts of conspiracy to commit a felony. However, charges were dismissed without prejudice because not all evidence had been turned over in time to Sullivan’s defense attorneys. At issue is a statement made by one of the other folks arrested which allegedly is very damaging to those facing prosecution. James Coiner, who was charged with nine counts each of the charges Sullivan also faced, agreed to testify against 51 other people, including Sullivan, in exchange for a plea deal. Sullivan’s lawyer had moved for the charges to be dropped with prejudice. However, because Coiner’s statement had not yet been transcribed and, therefore, could not be delivered to the defense in time, the judge decided it was not a gross violation of the law and would not dismiss with prejudice. A dismissal without prejudice means the prosecution can introduce new charges in the case against Sullivan, which it is expected to do later this month.

Naked Man Arrested at Fire Scene



Well here’s a doozie. Apparently, Jackson County law enforcement officers had to use a K-9 officer to gain control of a naked man who was disturbing the scene  of a camper fire in Millwood. According to the police report, a call was made to 911 reporting a camper on fire along Front Street in Millwood on the night of Oct. 5. Shortly after, another call came in with a resident saying there was an individual near the fire scene threatening him and two others. When police arrived, they found Mason resident Guy Wamsley, 39, naked and leaning against a camper trailer watching firefighters put out the fire. Police order Wamsley on the ground, an order which he apparently ignored. The order was given again, this time with the threat of releasing the polic dog if he failed to comply. Wamsley did not, and the K-9 was released. Fortunately for Wamsley, he was only bitten on the calves before being subdued and placed under arrest. According to Justin Griffith and Jared Varney, after seeing the fire break out from their residence, they went to the scene where they observed Wamsley going to a residence near them.  After telling him not to bother the residence, Wamsley allegedly became irate toward Griffith and Varney and began chasing the two with a large plastic jug containing gasoline.  Wamsley also allegedly punched Varney in the face. Witnesses backed up the statements and Wamsley was charged with assault and obstructing an officer.

Red Devils Fall to Pt. Pleasant

Pt. Pleasant’s Big Blacks upset Ravenswood 31-19 on the football field last week. The boys host winless Clay County this Friday at Flinn Field. The Devils fell from 2nd to 5th in this week’s Class AA rankings.

School Lunch Menu for Tuesday, Oct. 20

Today, the kiddies will be dining on chicken and noodles, tossed salad, whole wheat roll, peaches, Jell-O and milk.


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JSN Update – 09/09/09

Posted by JoAnn on September 9, 2009

Happy day of 9s, folks!

RHS Football Team Rolls Past Poca Dots

The Ravenswood Red Devils (2-0) were too much for Class AA opponent Poca Dots (1-1) this past Friday, winning 37-19 at Poca. With a strong start to the season, the Red Devils will host Roane County High School this Friday at Flinn Field. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.

Carter Arrested in Drug Sting

Donald Carter

Donald Carter

Four people were arrested on drug charges following a three-month-long investigation by the Ripley Police Department. Among those arrested was Donald E. Carter, class of ’96. He was charged with two counts of delivery of a controlled substance (Hydrocodone) for allegedly selling Norco 10 mg tablets in July. He could face a sentence of one to five years in the state penitentiary for each count or a fine of up to $15,000 for each count or both. Also charged were Kermit Patrick Hammonds, 27, of Ripley; Kathleen Trawick, 54, of Ripley; and William Patrick Huft, 55, of Ripley.

Tackett Arrested Following Bar Altercation

Three men were arrested following an altercation with police officers who responded to a reported fight at Mulberry’s last week. Deputy M.D. Strobbe of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and Patrolman G.C. Burnem of the Ravenswood Police Department responded to the bar at around 2:27 a.m and were told by the owner that Donald C. Tackett, class of ’96, was causing problems and he wanted Tackett removed. The officers say they observed Tackett  yelling, cursing and attempting to fight several individuals. Burnem advised Tackett to leave, but he refused. According to the complaint, Earl Lee Stoffel, 32, of Ripley, then began yelling and causing an additional disturbance. More officers were called to the scene. Burnem escorted Tackett outside, where Burnem says Tackett continued to cause a disturbance. Stoffell and several other bar patrons following them outside, which led to one of the officers pulling out his Taser and advising the group to back up. Apparently, most decided to comply with the exception of Adam LaCava, 23, of Ravenswood, who continued to yell and scream at the officers. According to the complaint, LaCava had to be restrained by other bar patrons to keep him from advancing on the officers. Tackett, Stoffel and LaCava were all arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

Class of ’96 Grad Passes Away

Rashell (Furr) Meredith, class of ’96, died Sept. 2, 2009 at her home in Sandyville, two days before her 31st birthday. She is survived by her husband Jeremy; sons Austin, Machia and Corey; as well as her brother, parents, in-laws and grandparents. Services were Monday and internment was at Evergreen Cemetery in Parkersburg. Condolences may be expressed to the Meredith family via Roush Funeral Home at

Staats to Wed in November

Leigh Ann Staats, class of ’00, and Jason Kerns have announced their upcoming wedding on Nov. 28 at First Baptist Church in Ravenswood. Both the bride and groom are employed at Star Plastics in Ravenswood. Best of luck to the happy couple!

Hood Receives Honor for Perseverance

Dave Hood, a fixture in Ravenswood boys basketball and baseball for many years, was recently awarded the Muscular Dystrophy Association‘s 2009 Robert Muscular_Dystrophy_Association_logoRoss Personal Achievement Award for West Virginia. Hood, 52, was selected for his positive spirit and continued community involvement in spite of being diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in 2007. He was also recently honored as WSAZ‘s Hometown Hero for his tireless work in the community.  As you may recall, Hood is the father of Kelly, class of ’95, and David, class of ’97. Many congratulations to Mr. Hood.

No Whole Wheat Today

On today’s school lunch menu, the kiddies will be dining on chicken on a bun with lettuce and tomato, potato rounds, grapes, chocolate pudding and milk.


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JSN Update — Sept. 1

Posted by JoAnn on September 1, 2009

Coach Sturm

Coach Sturm

RHS Red Devils Defeat Herbert Hoover

Football season has arrived and Ravenswood kicked off its season with a 20-12 win over Herbert Hoover. The team’s next game is Friday, Sept. 4 at Poca. Good luck Coach Fudley … err, uh … I mean Sturm!

School Board Approves Personnel Changes

Among the many personnel matters requested recently before the Jackson County Board of Education include the request for retirement by Ravenswood Grade teacher Betty Nuzum and a transfer from RMS 42-16956657to RHS by David Rader. Best of luck to both!

Cell Phones Permitted in Jackson County Schools

The Jackson County School Board has passed a cell phone policy that will allow kids to bring cell phones to school so long as students store them in their lockers and have them turned off during school hours. Students engaged in extracurricular activities may carry cell phones during those activities so long as the phone is on silent. The school board was originally considering a ban on the devices but changed directions after parents and students pointed out the benefits of cell phones for students.

It’s Never a Good Idea to Drive Drunk. It’s an Especially Bad Idea to Hit a Police Vehicle While Driving Drunk. It’s an Even Worse Idea to Hit a Police Vehicle  in Front of a Police Station While Driving Drunk.

Edward Cranfield, 40, of Cottageville, was arrested after the vehicle he was driving collided with a Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Jeep on Maple Street in Ripley. The accident occurred just a few feet from the sheriff department’s headquarters. After failing several field sobriety tests administered by a deputy not involved in the accident, Cranfield was put under arrest. He has been charged with driving on a revoked license and DUI.

Stewart to Wed

Jake Stewart, class of ’97, plans to marry Keiah White, 19, of Sandyville. Congratulations!

School Lunch Menu Returns

With school back in session, we have the triumphant return of the School Lunch Menu. Today, the kiddies will be dining on chicken strips, mashed potatoes, peas, rolls and milk. Interesting that the menu no longer refers to that dastardly whole wheat rolls and simply lists them as rolls. To all my Jackson County teacher friends, does this switch indicate a return to the fabulous hot rolls or is it just some fancy language trickery by the whole wheat roll to hide the truth?

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JSN Update 6/5/09

Posted by JoAnn on June 5, 2009


Angela Morrone and Lupe

Angela Morrone and Lupe

* If you were wondering whatever happened to the little Canadian chihuahua that was lost in Jackson County, we have a happy ending. As you may recall, Canada resident Angela Morrone was driving along I-77 when she lost control of her vehicle in the rain near the Medina Road exit. The wreck overturned the car, and Angela’s teacup chihuahua, Lupe, jumped out a window and ran off. Morrone received minor injuries in the accident, but was distraught when she was unable to find the pup. Her family came down  from Canada to pick  up Angela and search for the missing Lupe, but to no avail. Several days after the accident, the family received a call from Jackson County resident Nina McVey who said Lupe had been spotted on a farm near the crash site. Angela’s mom and brother returned to Jackson County to resume the search. After several days, and with the help of Nina and James McVey, the Morrones found the dog, who was malnourished and obviously scared. Lupe has been returned to Angela, and in her words, being given the royal treatment. I’m a sucker for happy endings! My favorite quote in the story came from Anegla’s mother who said, “The kindest people live in West Virginia.”  Well put, Mrs. Morrone.


* Ravenswood High School boys’ basketball coach Mick Price was honored as the Sportswriters’ West Virginia Coach of the Year. Among other honors, his basketball team won the AA state championship this year. Many kudos to the 31-year coaching veteran!

* David Wallen is getting hitched to Pt. Pleasant native Brooke Jones. I don’t know David, as he is a Ripley high grad, but we all know his lovely mama, one Mrs. Carolyn Wallen. Always one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Wallen retired from the Jackson County school system in 2006. Anyway, congrats to the entire family on the upcoming nuptials!

* Speaking of teachers, Ravenswood Grade teacher Betty Nuzum received a Target grant so she could take a gaggle of fourth graders to the Columbus Zoo for a field trip. Sounds like fun. I always liked Mrs. Nuzum too. Though all I really remember of her now is she had really long hair and she was the first person I ever knew that had a nose ring. But I’m sure I learned something in her class, and I’m sure I use that knowledge every day, because all my teachers said I would and that’s why I had to pay attention. Anyway, hope the trip was a success!

* And in exciting news, the school lunch menu has been turned into “Cooks’ Choice” for the end of the school year. No word on what those final meals were for the 2009 school year, but I’m hoping they did not include whole wheat. Health food be darned! This is the time of year where kids should eat junk and watch movies all day in class like the forever classic, “Nothing But Trouble.”

And with the end of the school year, I’ve grown tired of my Anchorman sign-off.  So for the summer, I’m stealing the line from the Most Interesting Man in the World.

Stay Thirsty My Friends.

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Jackson Star News Update 5/18/09

Posted by JoAnn on May 18, 2009

* It appears John Paul McCoy, owner of McCoy’s Inn and Conference Center, is still pitching a fit about the new National Guard armory planned for Millwood. McCoy says he’s opposed to $1 million of taxpayer money being invested in the project saying its risky and he can’t find a basis for the decision. The reality is the armory is being planned with a multi-purpose function that includes a 2,000 seat meeting space, meaning it could be a competitor for McCoy’s conference center, which seats 400 people. McCoy has said he doesn’t think it’s fair he has to compete with county and federal governments for business. Time to sound off.

* In news that makes me really, really angry, Jackson County Sheriff deputies, humane officers, state livestock inspectors and volunteers seized 53 animals from the home of Harold and Malinda Davis in Sandyville. The couple was hoarding a variety of animals including horses, dogs, cats, goats, ducks and chickens, all of which allegedly were living in mud and without food. Some animals were living in the couple’s home and investigators said there was animal feces throughout the house. Investigators conducted a similar search and seizure at the Davis home in 2006 which resulted in animal cruelty charges against Malinda Davis. She was later acquitted. Sheriff Michael Bright described conditions at the most recent scene as “deplorable” and “the worst living conditions” he’s seen in his more than 30 years of law enforcement. The animals are currently being housed at the county Animal Shelter and Fairgrounds, as well as with volunteers.  Nearly all of them are reported to be in need of veterinary care. Charges are expected to be filed against the Davis couple sometime next week. Those wishing to donate resources to assist the ailing animals are asked to contact the Animal Shelter at 304-372-6064.

* The Ripley Kroger is expanding to include a gas station. Renovations should be completed by July.

* I always enjoy checking out the Letters to the Editor.  I don’t know who writes the headlines for these, but whoever wrote the latest ones in the Jackson Herald, my hat goes off to you. My particular favorites are: “‘Backstabbing’ Ousts Volunteer” and “Reader Angry with Everybody.”

* On tomorrow’s school lunch, the kiddies will be dining on meat loaf, mashed potatoes, tossed salad, orange halves, milk and that fiber-filled bread product we dare not mention.

* Your running Red Devils track and field team are the 2009 LKC champions. Congrats to all!

Until next time, stay classy San Diego!

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