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JSN Update 7/29/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 29, 2009

Library - 4493Headline Fail

Now typos are just a part of life, and as hard as you try in journalism to avoid them, they sometimes slip through. However, when you’re writing a headline for the front page of the newspaper that deals with education, it’s probably best not to misspell the principal’s name. For the record, the new RHS principal’s last name is Hendricks, with a d.  Remember Jackson Herald, proofreaders are your friend.

Fair Rakes in Serious Cash

The Jackson County Junior Fair was a big success this year, bringing in nearly $340,000 in the market livestock sale. The total is the second highest in the fair’s history. Not too shabby!  And that’s during a recession. Congrats to all the kids who made the fair a success.

Class of ’84 Plans Reunion

The class of ’84 is gearing up for a 25-year reunion scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 5. The activities begin at 11:30 a.m. with lunch at the NYA Hall. Later that evening, there will be a mixer of sorts featuring a live band, also at the NYA Hall. The following Sunday, classmates are invited to a day of golf of food at Green Hills Country Club. Information is available by contacting Mark Yencha at 304-512-9166.

Matics and Foltz

Matics and Foltz

Matics Announces Engagement

Many congrats go out to Scotti Matics, class of ’00, and her fiance, Wesley Foltz. The lovely couple recently announced their engagement. They are planning an October wedding in Ravenswood. Scotti is currently employed by the WVU School of Medicine and her husband-to-be is employed by the WVU School of Dentistry. They will reside in Morgantown. Congratulations!

Roush Welcomes Baby Girl

Heather Clay-Roush, class of ’97, and her husband Billy Roush recently welcomed a baby girl into their growing family. The little tike, which they named Reese, joins big brother, River. Many congrats!

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JSN Update 7/7/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 7, 2009

276_247498337_22* A familiar face from Ravenswood High is preparing to take the helm at Ripley High when the new school year begins next month. Kent Kennedy,current principal at RvHS, has been named principal at RpHS, replacing Todd Layhew, who resigned from the post last month. Layhew’s final months as principal were filled with headaches after it was discovered Robin Wise, the school’s financial secretary, had embezzled more than $52,000 of school funds. According to school board records, Layhew is taking a job somewhere else.

* Ricky Good, class of … well, should’ve been ‘95 but … didn’t we cover this already? …  Anyway, Ricky has pleaded to one misdemeanor count of battery for beating and robbing a man at the Super 8 Motel in Ripley. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail. He was facing a felony count of unarmed robbery before reaching the plea agreement with prosecutors. In addition, Ricky will be required to pay restitution to the man he beat and robbed, as well as to the hotel for damages.

* An elderly Ravenswood man shot and killed himself in the parking lot of Cope’s Supermarket last week. The 75-year-old man reportedly suffered from serious health ailments.

* A new drug testing policy was enacted this past school year for student athletes and the results are in. A total of 375 students were tested during the 2008-09 school year. Nine tested positive for drugs, and two of those tested positive in follow-up tests a month later.

* If you attended Ravenswood High School between the years of 1992 – 1994, do I have a treat for you! In case you missed it, Brent Patterson recently posted a highlight reel on Facebook of the RHS morning announcements featuring Brian Westfall and Eric Rhodes, both class of ’94, among others. This is certainly a must-see. My personal favorites are  the Mentos commercial and the Wal-Mart ads. The footage is available by clicking on the following link: RHS Morning Announcements 92-94.  (NOTICE: You will need to be a member of Facebook to view. If you’re not already, it takes less than a minute to sign up.)

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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JSN Update – 6/15/09

Posted by JoAnn on June 15, 2009

Michael Ward

Michael Ward

* Michael Ward of Millwood was arrested last week after breaking into two Jackson County residences. In the first incident, Ward gained access to a woman’s home while the homeowner was home. Ward asked the woman for a beer, which she denied. He then made inappropriate advances toward the woman’s granddaughter, leading the woman to order the man out and he left. I would’ve ordered him out after the beer request, but that’s just me. Ward then went to another mobile home, where in white trash fashion, used his welfare card to try and break in. When that didn’t work, he just kicked the door in and loaded up some stuff. At that point, the husband of the woman in the first residence arrived home, grabbed his shotgun and went looking for Ward. After cornering him, the local man was able to delay Ward until police arrived. Being less than cooperative with law enforcement, Ward ended up in a little tangle with several officers and ended up cutting his head on the mirror of a patrol car. Enjoy the mug shot. We’ll just file this under things that seemed like a good idea at the time.

* Two years in the making, Gilmore Elementary‘s playground has gotten a much needed facelift with asphalt painting, new swings, a new fence and paint for playground equipment.

* In a look back at RHS history, 10 years ago this week the Ravenswood High School Red Devils won their first AA state baseball championship under the heavy hitting of Brian Archer, Chris Claudio, Corey Kruk, Daniel Curry and Luke Salmons, all of which were named to the All-State Team. So in Where Are They Now fashion, if you know what any of these fellas are up to these days, drop us a comment and fill us in.

* To all you Class of ’99ers, I heard form Beverly Yeager who said she is working on pulling together some plans for your class reunion. Hang tight as more information will be on the way soon, but no details have been finalized as yet.

* With school out for the summer, we’re replacing the school lunch menu segment with a new segment I am stealing from Stephen Colbert — Tip of My Hat, Wag of My Finger. First up is Jackson Newspapers. When most newspapers make a mistake, they often run a correction in some conspicuous section of the newspaper usually under a story about widget making or some other lame thing that puts you to sleep before you ever have a chance to read the correction. Not Jackson Newspapers. After making an error in a story earlier this month, the newspaper ran a correction on the front page. So tip of the hat to you, Jackson Newspapers, for doing your best to get the right information out.

As for Ravenswood Grade School, you get a wag of my finger after the Jackson County Health Department found one “critical” and three “non-critical” health code violations. Snack Shack, a restaurant that recently opened in Evans, received three non-critical violations. Ravenswood High School and Skate-A-Rama received none.

Finally, tip of my hat goes to Ravenswood’s Pampered Paws Pet Salon and its owner, Beverly Southall, for donating her time and energy to give puppy makeovers for dogs that were rescued last month from the home of a hoarder in Sandyville.

Stay Thirsty My Friends

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Jackson Star News Update 4/30/09

Posted by JoAnn on April 30, 2009

Not sure if it’s just me, but the number of arrests for drug-related offenses in Jackson County seems awfully high these days. 

* Courtney Defrietas, of St. Albans, and Mark Province, of Parkersburg, were arrested earlier this month after a routine traffic stop in Ravenswood revealed the duo were in possession of Oxycontin AND marijuana. Because one drug isn’t enough. They were also found to be in possession of other drug paraphernalia including several scales. Don’t guess they were metering mail in their vehicle. They were arrested and charged with felony drug possession. 

* The NYA Hall got some good news last week. The building, which is in desperate need of a little TLC, is about to get an updated look. University of Charleston interior design student Tashina Angus has created a design plan for the upstairs rooms of the community building that include Earth tone pallets and complementary colors. Angus, a Ravenswood native, focused her design on the walls, floor surfaces and windows. City officials liked Angus’ designs so much, they’ve decided to secure funding to make them a reality. A timeline has not yet been set for starting the project. Kudos to Miss Angus!

* Shelter fees at Riverfront are being raised from $25 to $50. You’re supposed to pay for those?? Huh. Who knew!

* In reunion news, there are three RHS classes gearing up for reunions. 

  • Class of 1979 is planning a 30-year reunion. Class of 79ers can contact Kathy McKown Keffer at for more information.
  • Class of 1989 is gearing up for its 20th reunion which will be during Labor Day weekend. If you’re an 89er, you can contact Chris Ballard at
  • Class of 1994 is rounding up folks for their 15-year reunion. Now the class of ’94, I remember all you guys. Has it been 15 years already? Really. Shew! Anyway, Scott Hunt is leading the charge, so for all you people who were nice to me when I was a freshman just because you were friends with my sister,  you can e-mail Mr. Hunt at

* In celebratory news, the beautiful miss Jessica Scritchfield, class of ’04, will be wedding her beau, Mr. Jeremy Wooten, this September in Hawaii. CONGRATS!

* Cory Colley, class of 99, is wedding the lovely miss Christian Michelle Houser, of Texas. A summer wedding is being planned and the couple plans to reside in Nasville, TN. CONGRATS all around!

* In honor of the Class of ’94’s upcoming reunion, we are bringing back the “Where Are They Now?” segment. In this issue, we’re putting out an APB on Elizabeth Adams, class of ’94. Have you seen her? Talked to her? Or know anything about Ms. Adams since she graduated 15 years ago, leave a comment and let us know. And don’t forget, if there are RHS grads you would like to locate, send me an e-mail at and I’ll list them in an upcoming post. There are no guarantees information will turn up, but the readers usually turn up something. 

Until next time, stay classy San Diego.

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