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NFL Reflections

Posted by JoAnn on November 12, 2009

Week 9 Reflections

A Little of This, a Little of That

Not much to say about my Dolphins this week. They’ve won some and lost some. My one nugget of insight for the boys this week is to buy Chad Henne a new helmet. The thing is so small and tight it gives him a brow line like Frankenstein and surely can’t be comfortable.

Picture 2

Henne and his helmet

Vick Isn’t Wild About the Wildcat

Michael Vick made comments during an NBC interview this week that gives the impression he’s not happy with his role with the Eagles offense. He indicated he would like to play somewhere else next year. There are plenty of people who would love to be working right now, but can’t find a job in this economy. Vick has found one that pays him millions. Hey Mike, why don’t you make the most of your situation, be grateful for this second chance and worry about next year when you’ve gotten through this season. I don’t advise on playing the prima donna card fresh out of prison.

It Takes More than a Dollar to Bribe an NFL Ref

Some folks are upset because Bengals receiver Ochocinco playfully waved a $1 bill in front of a referee during a game to try and get him to call a play in his favor. I’ve seen the replay. It’s funny. No. 85 is a funny guy. I particularly enjoyed his locker room interview after the game when he turns to the camera and makes a plea to Commissioner Goodell, asking him not to fine him. It was all in good fun. If he Ochocinco gets fined for that one, that’s just more proof that the NFL takes itself way too seriously. If Ochocinco gets away with it, it gives me hope that the NFL hasn’t completely lost its sense of humor. He wasn’t disrupting the game. And keep in mind, there’s a reason it’s called a game.

Speaking of the Bengals …

I realized today that they’re leading their division … well tied with Pittsburgh. Go ahead. I’ll wait while you fact check that. I know it’s hard to believe …

See. I told you so.


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NFL Reflections

Posted by JoAnn on September 22, 2009

With a few good games under our belt, here are some thoughts …

Dolphins Owner Misses Mark

Stephen Ross,  the new owner of the Miami Dolphins, has no clue how to nurture and grow a loyal fan base. After enduring last night’s home opener against the Colts, the live Jimmy Buffett concert on the plaza  is the only positive addition of all the superficial changes.  The “Orange Carpet” where celebrities enter the stadium divides the plaza and creates an annoying traffic issue. The new “Fins Up” signal where celebrities tell us to put our hand up to rayour forehead looks more like a rooster than a dolphin. And while I love Buffett and think his new Fins song is great for games, it’s a lousy fight song. (Nevermind the fact that the cameras are always zooming in on Landshark Stadium employees to give the appearance that everybody is doing the Fins dance.) I’m glad they ditched the T-Pain remake of the real fight song, but now Ross needs to listen to the fans and restore the original fight song. It’s sad when your team scores and a laid-back song immediately quiets the crowd. Yes, the old fight song is hokie. But it’s tradition and football fans like tradition. Apparently, these changes are designed to fill seats. In an interview with the Miami Herald, Ross said he realizes that winning games would fill the stadium, but he’s designing a game-day experience that will fill the seats even when the team sucks (paraphrasing, of course.) To me, that is a horrible statement to make. He’s so focused on walking in the celebrity circles, he basically told the fans he’s not worried about building a winning program. The one good nugget in all of this is that Ross is smart enough to leave the football up to Parcells and Coach Sporano. Ross may not care about winning, but these guys do. And while the first two games of the season have ended badly for the Fins, the heartbreaker against the Colts showed some very promising signs. The offense controlled the ball for 45 minutes of the game and the running attack was phenomenal. Unfortunately, Ted Ginn continues to show that he can’t catch a ball, even when it hits him in the hands … twice … in the end zone! And, the defense gave up 27 points to the Colts, whose offense was only on the field for a total of 15 minutes. They have some serious work to do there. I can’t wait to see what adjustments they make this week. Go Fins!

What’s in a Name

In watching the score updates on the CBS crawl on Sunday, I had to laugh every time I saw C. Ochocinco stats run across the screen. I can’t help it. I like this guy.

Burress’ Barney Fife Routine Lands Him Excessive Sentence

Plaxico Burress drew the short end of the sentencing stick. I think what he did was stupid. But two years? Really, New York?  Michael Vick got 23 months for his dogfighting activities, which I thought was on the mark. He acted with malice and showed a grotesque lack in judgment. Donte Stallworth got a whopping 30 days in jail for manslaughter after driving drunk and killing a human being. Granted, it was an accident and the victim was improperly crossing a very busy causeway, but a human was killed. And Stallworth was driving drunk!  Burress broke the law by illegally carrying a handgun. His accident was in shooting himself in the leg. He didn’t hurt anyone else. I think he should be punished, but believe his penalty should have fallen somewhere between animal killer and manslaughter. But I guess that’s the difference between committing a crime in Miami and committing one in New York.

Jerry Jones is Acting Like Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones

Yes, the new Cowboys stadium is very cool. You know what’s even cooler? The fact the the inaugural game was a loss. There are three teams in the NFL who have really annoying, arrogant and outlandish owners. The Bengals, the Raiders and the Cowboys. Nothing personal Cowboys fan, but I love the shots of Jones whenever his team is about to lose. And I hope the kickers of every opposing team that plays in that new stadium this year make an effort to hit that jumbotron. It’s a great feature, but it clearly needs to be raised. The NFL isn’t asking for anything unreasonable. Jerry Jones is just being Jerry Jones.

Rex Ryan is OK in My Book

I’m not a Jets fan, but I like their new coach. NFL coaches have become way too politically correct, which is going to make for some really lame Coors Light commercials down the road. Glad to see some old schoolers are still making the rounds.

Favre Continues to Unimpress

Brett Favre is still annoying me. Did I mention he took himself out of Sunday’s game for a bent fingernail. *sigh* Granted, they were winning and it happened toward the end of the game, but still, it’s a fingernail. Keep it up and he won’t be able to do his rugged Wrangler commercial anymore. I guess he has Sears to fall back on. At least those commercials are funny.

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Favre, 0 for 2 in Retirements

Posted by JoAnn on August 18, 2009

brett-farve-funny-t-shirt-we-will-never-forget-you-brentIt’s official. Brett Favre is dead to me.

There were three stories I was dreading heading into this football season, knowing the media would saturate the insanity with useless commentary and less than insightful reports. The first is the new Dallas stadium. The second is the criminal trifecta of Vick, Stallworth and Burress. Third is Brett Favre and the ‘will he or won’t he retire’ drama.

I thought we would dodge the third one, but alas, Favre has pulled … well … a Brett Favre by signing with Minnesota.

So now we have another football season where we will hear uninspiring and ignorant commentators constantly speculating as to whether Brett Favre will retire at the end of the season. (The answer is yes and he will re-unretire at the end of the 2010 training camp.)

Meanwhile, somewhere in a locker room in Philadelphia, Michael Vick is heaving a hearty sigh of relief. The NFL media circus has a new idiot to fill the preseason doldrums.

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In a follow-up to “Really? I mean … really?”

Posted by JoAnn on August 3, 2009

3737021384_a7c00e1372Newport News postpones ‘celebration’ for Michael Vick

And just like that, someone in the Vick camp grows a brain.  After much planning and a weekend’s worth of backlash, Michael Vick suddenly remembers he can’t attend a “community celebration” in his honor because he has a prior date with the Humane Society in Atlanta.  A photo op is a photo op … the city is not important.

Original Post:  Really?  I mean … really?

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Really? I mean … really?

Posted by JoAnn on August 3, 2009

GYI0050751573.jpgIt appears, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is hosting a — and I quote — Michael Vick Community Celebration day.

***scratches head***

So what exactly does a Michael Vick Community Celebration day entail? Apparently, face painting, pony rides, music and other kitschy activities. Vick plans to speak at the event and spread Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of non-violence. So how does such a fun-filled day for the whole family to enjoy come about? It seems the shin-dig was Vick’s idea. One of the event’s organizers told the Associated Press — and again, I quote — “Vick wanted to give back to the community, like he always does.”


Look, I think what Vick did was atrocious, grotesque and maniacal. But he was convicted, sentenced and served his time. He should be given a chance to redeem himself.  HOWEVER … Michael Vick Community Celebration day? Really?  Shouldn’t he … ya’ know … actually redeem himself  … before celebrating himself?

I smell a publicity stunt … and one that may produce the exact opposite reaction that Vick’s camp is hoping for. If he really wants to get out and endorse an event that promotes non-violent solutions, perhaps he should have elected to keep his name out of it. If he wants to rebuild the public’s trust, he needs to earn it.

Right now, Michael Vick is not a role model. He is a rehabilitated convicted felon. There is nothing about that which merits a community-wide celebration. Maybe over time that will change. Maybe he really has learned from his criminal behavior and he will lead a life worth celebrating someday. Only time will tell. But when the people of Newport News get together and celebrate a day of pony rides in his name, I can’t help but think that in a jail cell somewhere in North Carolina, Rae Carruth is planning Rae Carruth Day at the local women’s shelter … to take place in five to 10.

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