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Vote for Oedipus

Posted by JoAnn on November 16, 2009

Click here to vote for Oedipus on Brickfish

Just click on the link and vote. It’s that simple.


Pug in the grass 2


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NFL Reflections

Posted by JoAnn on September 28, 2009

Week 3 reflections … this was not fun.

Pennington Out with Shoulder Injury

Pennington at 2009 spring training

Though the Dolphins haven’t officially said yet, it appears Quarterback Chad Pennington is done for the season with a dislocated shoulder. To say I’m disappointed is a total understatement, but it’s the reality we have in Miami and one we unfortunately have to live with. That brings Chad Henne, former Michigan quarterback, to take charge of Miami’s offense. Since day one, I’ve stated that Henne is overrated and will likely disappoint, but time will tell. I could be wrong. For the sake of my Dolphins, I hope I am. Some folks said I was an idiot when I said Brady Quinn would be a bust. Did anyone see the Browns play Sunday? But I digress. Pennington has been great for Miami. He’s provided stability, confidence, poise, excitement and leadership. Unfortunately, Miami and its fairweather fanbase never truly embraced him. They cheered him when he was winning, but were always ready to bench him in favor of youth. Now, they’ve had one brief look at Henne, and are throwing up their hands crying the season is over. One of my biggest pet peeves is fairweather fans. Every city has them, but Miami’s seem to be in excess. A sportswriter once wrote that Miami doesn’t deserve the Marlins because of the way the “fans” treat their baseball team. I think the same could be said about Pennington. Miami didn’t deserve him. Now they have to live with Henne. For the sake of my Dolphins, I hope Henne quickly improves because he’s going to be under center this season.

Who called Mangini a Genius?

Speaking of the Browns, who’s idea was it that Mangini should be a head coach? The Browns owners seem to be working their way through the Belichick coaching tree. Maybe they should come up with a new strategy.

Throwback this!

So again speaking of the Browns, I’m not a fan of the throwback uniforms, especially since it’s just another way for the NFL to make money by selling more jerseys. This past weekend, we saw the New York Jets wearing the old New York Titans uniforms and the Tennessee Titans wearing the the old Oilers uniforms from when the team used to be in Houston. Basically, you had the ghosts of Titans past channeling the ghost of Titans present. So that made me realize, the Baltimore Ravens could never really pull a throwback uniform game, because they were once the Cleveland Browns. I don’t think today’s Browns, which are considered an expansion team since the original team was sold and moved to Baltimore, would take too kindly to a bunch of Ravens in their old uniforms. Quite the quagmire! That would be kind of fun to see. Dear football czars, if you insist on these throwback jersey games, can we please make one of them a Browns v. Ravens showdown. Pretty please.

Ochocinco & Co. Shock Steelers

I  thoroughly enjoyed the Bengals v. Steelers game. Sorry Pittsburgh fans. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m not sorry. I loved every nailbiting second.

Jeers to Michaels and Collinsworth

So the stellar NBC crew calling last night’s Indy v. Arizona game had me defending Peyton Manning. For years, sports analysts said Manning could not be considered a great quarterback because he never won a Super Bowl. While I disagree with that because it takes an entire team to win a Super Bowl (As Dan Marino well knows), but whatever. Well, Manning got his Super Bowl victory in 2007. Fast forward to last night’s game and you have Michaels and Collinsworth debating whether you could consider Manning a great quarterback because he only won one Super Bowl. **Head hits table** Really, guys? Please. Greatness isn’t always measured in Super Bowls. (DISCLAIMER: If you’re a Steelers fan, please avert your eyes.) Ben Roethlisberger is a good quarterback. Very good. But he’s not great. He has two Super Bowl rings. But that doesn’t rank him among the elite. In fact, his first Super Bowl victory came with the lowest quarterback rating (22.6) ever logged in a Super Bowl by a winning quarterback. He “redeemed” himself in Super Bowl XLIII, but he has played with some great players.  Nevermind the fact that he didn’t win the MVP award in either Super Bowls, which is odd since they seem to bend over backwards to give it to the quarterback (ref Super Bowl XLII). He’s had two chances and come up short both times. So while I think Roethlisberger has earned his fair share of accolades, if I was choosing between him or Peyton Manning to lead my NFL team, I’d take Manning every time. So to that I say BOOOOOOO to NBC and its crack commentators for making me defend Manning. Will you analysts ever be satisfied?

Speaking of Manning

Peyton Manning’s commercials have really disappointed me so far this year. I’m bummed about that. I don’t like him on the football field, but man, he made some funny commercials!

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Conversation with a 5-Year-Old

Posted by JoAnn on July 9, 2009

I took Oedipus the pug to the park today. There were a variety of dogs there with their owners: a jack russell, cocker spaniel, lab/pitbull mix puppy, poodle, another pug and a few mutts. There was also a little 5-year-old girl who hangs out at the park with her grandpa every now and then to play with all the dogs.

The following is a conversation that took place between me and that little girl today.

Girl:  I have a game on Nintendo DS where I take care of dogs.

Me:  How many dogs do you take care of?

Girl:  Do you know Chloe?

Me:  Who’s Chloe?

Girl:  Chloe is Paco’s girlfriend.

Me:  Who’s Paco?

Girl:  Paco is Chloe’s boyfriend.

Me:  But who’s Chloe?

Girl:  Chloe is Paco’s girlfriend.

*I scratch my head as I can see where this is going*

Me:  So who is Paco?

*Little girl throws hands on hips in frustration*

Girl:  Paco is Chloe’s boyrfriend! I already told you!

Me:  But who is Chloe?

Girl:  She’s Paco’s girlfriend!

Me:  Is Chloe a dog?

Girl:  Yes!

Me:  On your Nintendo DS?

Girl:  Of Course.

Me:  Got it.

I love the logic and line of thought of a 5-Year-Old mind.

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Meet MyAMI – The Marlins

Posted by JoAnn on May 27, 2009

As many of you know, I’m a football girl. Love the game. Love the traditions. And love the memories. But the Marlins are quickly turning me into a bit of a baseball fanatic.

I used to enjoy the game before all the steroid craziness, corked bats and whining players saying a $5 million-a-year salary just isn’t enough. When the strike hit, I turned baseball off and hadn’t watched since. That was until I moved to Miami.

Whether you love them or hate them, the Marlins are a team to appreciate. The team’s combined salary is less than doped-up A-Rod‘s. Yes, you heard me correctly. One Yankees player — by himself — makes more than the entire Marlins squad. In fact, the Marlins have the lowest payroll of any team in Major League Baseball, but that hasn’t stopped them from bringing home two World Series titles in recent history. The mighty Marlins are a bunch of scrappy players who are great to watch and play for the love of the game. They’re not flashy. They’re not pretty. They have their weaknesses. But they’re fun, have winning traditions and if you go to a Friday or Saturday night game, you might just get to see the Manatees, Major League Baseball’s first all-male dance team. They’re hysterical.

The Manatees!

The Manatees!

So if you’re ever in Miami during baseball season, I highly recommend heading over to Landshark Stadium and catching a game. This team is a great one to watch.

Jo’s Players to keep an eye on:
Dan Uggla, a good ol’ boy from Kentucky, and hip hip JorgeCantu, that is.

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