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JSN Update – Special Report x 2

Posted by JoAnn on May 22, 2009

mandolinNot that we’re becoming the 24 hour news source of all things Brian Nutter, but a reader alerted me to the fact that Brian will be hitting the stage at the Charleston Civic Center next week for the upcoming Keith Urban concert. The concert is May 28. If you have tickets, make a sign and give some love to our homegrown boy. 

And in an update to the American Idol performance, Brian was there to play guitar for Keith Urban, and was a last minute addition for the mandolin with Rod Stewart. According to WTAP, Nutter was asked to play with Stewart the day before the concert because Stewart wasn’t happy with how the concert master violinist was playing the mandolin without a pic. The best part — apparently, there was no time for a run through so Brian had to just wing it. For a lesser musician, that may have been a problem. But let’s face it … he’s from West, By God, Virginia!

In an interview with WTAP, Brian said, “I was sitting there giggling the entire time. Every time I looked up at him I would just sit there and think I’m playing Maggie May in front of 50 million people on national television with Rod Stewart. This is hilarious…really really cool. Definitely a big highlight for me.” 

Well done, sir. Well done, indeed.

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Blog Terminology

Posted by JoAnn on May 22, 2009

Apparantly, there was a decent amount of people searching yesterday for Brian Nutter information related to American Idol and Rod Stewart on the Internet. As a result, my blog traffic saw a pretty decent spike. So in the future, any event that brings me a jump in blog hits will forever be referred to as “The Nutter Bump.”

That is all.

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JSN Update – Special Report

Posted by JoAnn on May 21, 2009

If you any of you Ravenswooders tuned into the American Idol season finale last night and thought the guy playing the mandolin for Rod Stewart looked a little familiar … you would be correct. It was none other than Ravenswood’s own, Brian Nutter, class of ’91. 

Brian, who recently toured with Keith Urban, is an expert musician having mastered the guitar, keyboards, ganjo, mandolin and drums. He also does backup vocals, as you may well remember from his RHS choir days. During his career, Brian has performed with Taylor Swift, Lonestar and Carolyn Dawn Johnson. He’s appeared on SNL, Today and the Academy of Country Music Awards, to name a few. Many congrats to Mr. Nutter for an amazing career and a fantastic performance on last night’s show!

Brian Nutter during a 2008 performance with Keith Urban.

Brian during a 2008 show with Keith Urban.

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