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When I started this blog in 2006, it was designed to be a place for Ravenswooders, both current and displaced, to hear about some of the latest happenings in our hometown.  This included general news, politics, wedding and baby announcements of former classmates and crime information.  At times, there have been people who have engaged in bad and sometimes illegal behavior and that information has sometimes made it into the blog.  I don’t post rumors, but if something is substantiated and reported by the media, it may make it on the blog.

Last year, I decided not to name some names of people who had been arrested because one person complained.  But afterwards, I polled my readers about the refined policy, and the overwhelming response was if it’s already in the media, it’s fair game.  The consensus was, if you don’t want to be on the news, in the newspaper or on my blog, then don’t engage in misconduct.  While I agree with that, it was not a policy I developed on my own.  It was a policy developed through consensus with many other people.

Please remember, this blog is nothing more than a commentary on a variety of topics and while I stick to things reported in the media, I will inject my opinion from time-to-time.  Others are free to leave comments and express their points of views, but foul language, personal attacks on other blog participants and slander will not be tolerated.  Any violation will result in deletion of comments and a ban.

While I no longer live in Jackson County, I think it is a great place. If ever I express disgust or mock those things that challenge the things that make it great, it’s only because that is how I express my disdain. If you do not approve of the things I say or the manner in which I say them, you do not have to read it.

Oh, keep in mind, while this started as a Jackson County thing, I also will sometimes commentate on other topics including sports, so if you’re a WVU fan, please understand it’s not you … it’s just your sports teams I don’t like. But it’s all in good fun. 

And if, after all that, you still decide you want to read the blog, welcome aboard! Glad to have you here. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

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