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NFL Reflections

Posted by JoAnn on November 12, 2009

Week 9 Reflections

A Little of This, a Little of That

Not much to say about my Dolphins this week. They’ve won some and lost some. My one nugget of insight for the boys this week is to buy Chad Henne a new helmet. The thing is so small and tight it gives him a brow line like Frankenstein and surely can’t be comfortable.

Picture 2

Henne and his helmet

Vick Isn’t Wild About the Wildcat

Michael Vick made comments during an NBC interview this week that gives the impression he’s not happy with his role with the Eagles offense. He indicated he would like to play somewhere else next year. There are plenty of people who would love to be working right now, but can’t find a job in this economy. Vick has found one that pays him millions. Hey Mike, why don’t you make the most of your situation, be grateful for this second chance and worry about next year when you’ve gotten through this season. I don’t advise on playing the prima donna card fresh out of prison.

It Takes More than a Dollar to Bribe an NFL Ref

Some folks are upset because Bengals receiver Ochocinco playfully waved a $1 bill in front of a referee during a game to try and get him to call a play in his favor. I’ve seen the replay. It’s funny. No. 85 is a funny guy. I particularly enjoyed his locker room interview after the game when he turns to the camera and makes a plea to Commissioner Goodell, asking him not to fine him. It was all in good fun. If he Ochocinco gets fined for that one, that’s just more proof that the NFL takes itself way too seriously. If Ochocinco gets away with it, it gives me hope that the NFL hasn’t completely lost its sense of humor. He wasn’t disrupting the game. And keep in mind, there’s a reason it’s called a game.

Speaking of the Bengals …

I realized today that they’re leading their division … well tied with Pittsburgh. Go ahead. I’ll wait while you fact check that. I know it’s hard to believe …

See. I told you so.

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