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Bring the original Boondock Saints to a theater near you

Posted by JoAnn on December 16, 2009

There’s an effort under way to return the original Boondock Saints to the big screen for a special 10th anniversary event around St. Patrick’s Day. If you’d like to see it in a theater near you, click on the “Demand It” link below. 

Demand The Original Boondock Saints 10th Anniversary Celebration in Miami!

The Original Boondock Saints 10th Anniversary Celebration in Miami - Learn more about this Eventful DemandView all Miami events on Eventful 


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Vote for Oedipus

Posted by JoAnn on November 16, 2009

Click here to vote for Oedipus on Brickfish

Just click on the link and vote. It’s that simple.


Pug in the grass 2

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Conversation with a 5-Year-Old

Posted by JoAnn on July 9, 2009

I took Oedipus the pug to the park today. There were a variety of dogs there with their owners: a jack russell, cocker spaniel, lab/pitbull mix puppy, poodle, another pug and a few mutts. There was also a little 5-year-old girl who hangs out at the park with her grandpa every now and then to play with all the dogs.

The following is a conversation that took place between me and that little girl today.

Girl:  I have a game on Nintendo DS where I take care of dogs.

Me:  How many dogs do you take care of?

Girl:  Do you know Chloe?

Me:  Who’s Chloe?

Girl:  Chloe is Paco’s girlfriend.

Me:  Who’s Paco?

Girl:  Paco is Chloe’s boyfriend.

Me:  But who’s Chloe?

Girl:  Chloe is Paco’s girlfriend.

*I scratch my head as I can see where this is going*

Me:  So who is Paco?

*Little girl throws hands on hips in frustration*

Girl:  Paco is Chloe’s boyrfriend! I already told you!

Me:  But who is Chloe?

Girl:  She’s Paco’s girlfriend!

Me:  Is Chloe a dog?

Girl:  Yes!

Me:  On your Nintendo DS?

Girl:  Of Course.

Me:  Got it.

I love the logic and line of thought of a 5-Year-Old mind.

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The 3 Wolf T-Shirt – 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Posted by JoAnn on May 22, 2009

There’s a new retail phenomenon taking the Web by storm and it’s called the 3 Wolf T-Shirt, as seen on

In case you’re living under a rock, let me help bring you up to speed. Below are three key links. Pay particular attention to the product reviews page.

The 3 Wolf T-Shirt Product Listing on Amazon


Customer Product Reviews of the 3 Wolf T-Shirt on Amazon,

A Story about the 3 Wolf T-Shirt in the Washington Post


This amazing piece of textile craftsmanship is taking the fashion world by storm. But here are 10 facts most people don’t know about the 3 Wolf T-Shirt:

1. It was invented by Tim Tebow 41GlByFzNgL._SS500_

2. Pilot Chelsey Sullenberger was wearing the 3 Wolf T-Shirt under his uniform when he landed that plane in the Hudson.

3. When referring to the 3 Wolf T-Shirt, you must always capitalize the “W” in Wolf.

4. A-Rod never really doped up. It’s just that he often wears his 3 Wolf T-shirt and the sheer power exudes a steroid-like quality that causes false positives in random drug tests.

5. Bea Arthur was buried in her 3 Wolf T-Shirt, may she rest in peace.

6. When Tim Tebow was inventing the shirt, he almost went with 3 angry wombats. At the last minute, he thought “No. It should be 3 Wolves.”  He chose wisely.

7. China is now making all of its giant pandas don the 3 Wolf T-Shirt in hopes it will increase the chances of mating the endangered animals.

8. Tim Tebow once considered making the 3 Wolf T-Shirt a sleeveless muscle shirt, but then realized that would be overkill.

9. Dick Cheney is anti-the 3 Wolf T-Shirt.

10. If you chest bump someone while both wearing the 3 Wolf T-Shirt, it will give you the ability to fly, but only briefly.

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