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Meet MyAMI – The Marlins

Posted by JoAnn on May 27, 2009

As many of you know, I’m a football girl. Love the game. Love the traditions. And love the memories. But the Marlins are quickly turning me into a bit of a baseball fanatic.

I used to enjoy the game before all the steroid craziness, corked bats and whining players saying a $5 million-a-year salary just isn’t enough. When the strike hit, I turned baseball off and hadn’t watched since. That was until I moved to Miami.

Whether you love them or hate them, the Marlins are a team to appreciate. The team’s combined salary is less than doped-up A-Rod‘s. Yes, you heard me correctly. One Yankees player — by himself — makes more than the entire Marlins squad. In fact, the Marlins have the lowest payroll of any team in Major League Baseball, but that hasn’t stopped them from bringing home two World Series titles in recent history. The mighty Marlins are a bunch of scrappy players who are great to watch and play for the love of the game. They’re not flashy. They’re not pretty. They have their weaknesses. But they’re fun, have winning traditions and if you go to a Friday or Saturday night game, you might just get to see the Manatees, Major League Baseball’s first all-male dance team. They’re hysterical.

The Manatees!

The Manatees!

So if you’re ever in Miami during baseball season, I highly recommend heading over to Landshark Stadium and catching a game. This team is a great one to watch.

Jo’s Players to keep an eye on:
Dan Uggla, a good ol’ boy from Kentucky, and hip hip JorgeCantu, that is.


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Meet MyAMI

Posted by JoAnn on April 22, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to a new topic here at JoAnn In Real Life called MyAMI, which which will feature all things I love in my adopted home. Not that I’m any kind of authority on South Florida, but I do love to voice my opinions so for visitors, residents and anyone interested, these are the things and places I love and recommend.  Welcome to MyAMI.


Taste Bakery - 900 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, FL

Taste Bakery - 900 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, FL

In our inaugural MyAMI post, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite, yet lesser known, eateries in Miami Beach called Taste.  Located at 900 Alton Road, this bakery serves breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday with a menu that features a great variety of healthy, yet tasty offerings. Even better, it’s totally affordable. You can grab a sandwich, with a side of bagel chips, fruit salad or potato salad, and a drink for $10. They have muffins almost as big as your head, the food is always fresh and they have a great coffee selection. So next time you’re headed to South Beach, stop by Taste.  It’s tasty!


Jo’s Pick:  The Pesto Chicken Panini with fruit salad. YUM!

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