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A Minor Housekeeping Note

Posted by JoAnn on July 23, 2009

22619_yellow_man_wearing_a_tie_using_a_mop_while_mopping_a_hard_floor_to_clean_up_a_mess_or_spillI’ve been asked twice now in the past month about whether or not you can comment directly to my blog posts. The answer is yes. If you’re on the main page and see a post you’d like to comment on, simply click on the “comments” link at the bottom and it will take you to the post with a comment box at the bottom. You are required to enter in your e-mail address (WordPress rules, not mine), but it does not publish that with your comment so no worries. Thanks for reading!


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Blog Terminology

Posted by JoAnn on May 22, 2009

Apparantly, there was a decent amount of people searching yesterday for Brian Nutter information related to American Idol and Rod Stewart on the Internet. As a result, my blog traffic saw a pretty decent spike. So in the future, any event that brings me a jump in blog hits will forever be referred to as “The Nutter Bump.”

That is all.

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