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Prayers for Alec Tanner

Posted by JoAnn on December 10, 2009

As Christmas approaches, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget that, for some, tragedies and struggles don’t go on hiatus just because it’s the holiday season. Many of you know Sarah Hinzman, class of ’96, her husband and their kids. Tragically, Sarah’s stepson is fighting leukemia, a battle that is not only physically and emotionally draining for him and his family, but also financially draining. As this family faces such a difficult reality this Christmas, please keep them in your prayers and if you are able to contribute, the family has established a fund to help mitigate the costs of treatment, hospital visits and travel expenses. Below is the blog Sarah posted earlier this week with more information. If you are able to contribute, checks can be mailed to:

Alec Tanner Fund
Trader’s Bank
601 Washington St.
Ravenswood, WV 26164


I don’t know if any of you knew, but my stepson had been in remission from ALL (leukemia) for 16 months. Monday, November 30, he relapsed. Normal chemtherapy can not be done as before because his body can not handle that brutalness again. They are doing some rounds of chemo in hopes to force him into remission so that a bone marrow transplant can be done. He is supposed to come home today and continue his regimen for 8 to 9 weeks before having to go out of state for his transplant. This is hard on so many different levels, and until one has experienced it, its difficult to explain. I’m only the step-parent, and it’s devastating…i can only begin to fathom how his biological mother and father feel. Now is not the time for modesty, so I’m just going to lay it on the line. I know many of you have prayed, and called and cleaned our home for his return, and some are even in the works of a fundraiser or two. We cannot begin to express our gratitude, and will never be able to express it the way we wish we could. Even a simple I’m so sorry and I’m praying for you means more than we can say. Thank you to you all. I don’t visit myspace much (four kids and a husband and a full time job is CRAZY!) so I don’t even know how these dang blogs work or if anyone will even read this thing…but here goes. Some of the family has set up a fund for Alec and his family to aid them in this process and ANYTHING is well appreciated. It will be used by the family for bills, travel expenses and so forth. Bryan (his father and my husband) can not continue to work and take care of him full time…if anyone wants to help…you can forward this message to all of your friends, repost, whatever works. All donations will be accepted at the Trader’s Bank at 601 Washington Street Ravenswood, WV. I want to thank everyone in advance. As far as visitors go, no one is allowed inside the home who has not received both the seasonal and H1N1 vaccine. Other than that, feel free to visit anytime. Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement.

The Tanner Family

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