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WV v. Florida, Round 2

Posted by JoAnn on September 23, 2009

PaycheckThe Census Bureau released its ranking of median household incomes for the 50 states. At first glance, my adopted state of Florida clearly beats my home state of West Virginia, but not so fast, my friends. Florida’s average household income in 2008 was $47,778, which trumps West Virginia’s $37,989. In fact, West Virginia was one of the lowest average household incomes in the nation, second only to … anyone? … anyone? … You guessed it! Mississippi, our proverbial buddy at the bottom.

But a closer look at the data reveals that Florida is the only state in the nation to actually see a drop in the median household income as compared to 2007. Yikes! West Virginia, while ranked at the bottom, exhibited a 2.5 increase over the previous year. Not too shabby during a down economy. Now factor in the difference in the cost of living. While the average West Virginian’s income is more than 20 percent less than a Floridian’s, the average Floridian’s mortgage is 40 percent higher than the average West Virginian’s. And while Floridians don’t pay an income tax, we more than make up for it in higher property and sales taxes. I’d almost be willing to call this one a draw, but I don’t like ties.

Our score after Round 2 is:

West Virginia — 2

Florida — 0

Results from Round 1:


One Response to “WV v. Florida, Round 2”

  1. Jeremiah G said

    i was reading about this online and thinking about moving to maryland.

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