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Favre, 0 for 2 in Retirements

Posted by JoAnn on August 18, 2009

brett-farve-funny-t-shirt-we-will-never-forget-you-brentIt’s official. Brett Favre is dead to me.

There were three stories I was dreading heading into this football season, knowing the media would saturate the insanity with useless commentary and less than insightful reports. The first is the new Dallas stadium. The second is the criminal trifecta of Vick, Stallworth and Burress. Third is Brett Favre and the ‘will he or won’t he retire’ drama.

I thought we would dodge the third one, but alas, Favre has pulled … well … a Brett Favre by signing with Minnesota.

So now we have another football season where we will hear uninspiring and ignorant commentators constantly speculating as to whether Brett Favre will retire at the end of the season. (The answer is yes and he will re-unretire at the end of the 2010 training camp.)

Meanwhile, somewhere in a locker room in Philadelphia, Michael Vick is heaving a hearty sigh of relief. The NFL media circus has a new idiot to fill the preseason doldrums.

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JSN Update 8/6/09

Posted by JoAnn on August 6, 2009


RHS Band Director Abruptly Resigns, Recent College Grad Hired to Fill Post

Just days before Ravenswood High School‘s band camp was set to begin, band director Chris Kellermeyer unexpectedly resigned. Not wasting any time, school officials hired Nathan Corathers, a Clarksburg-native and 2009 music education grad from Alderson-Broaddus College. He had a whopping four days to prepare for band camp, which started Monday. Prior to his snappy hiring, Corathers taught private music lessons in Clarksburg.  The number 22 must be a lucky one for Mr. Carothers. He’s 22-years-old and will have 22 kids marching in the band this year. That includes four majorettes. The numbers just keep dwindling. Maybe a fresh face can turn things around. Best of luck to Mr. Corathers!

Teachers Join Forces to Publish Children’s Book

Lola Smith and Violet Smith

Lola Smith and Violet Smith

Ravenswood Middle School art teacher Lola Smith has illustrated a children’s book written by her sister-in-law, Violet Smith, a kindergarten teacher in Ravenswood. The book, “Welcome to Kindergarten” teaches the alphabet while easing kids’ anxieties about starting school. The teachers will conduct book signings in the Mid-Ohio Valley region during the next several weeks including August 14 at the Wood County Library and August 22 at the Borders in Vienna. The book will be featured at the Family Literacy Day celebration Sept. 21 at the Culture Center in Charleston.

Benford to Run in Italy

Former RHS standout athlete Andrew Benford has been named to the Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team that will compete in the 25th World Mountain Running Championships on Sept. 6 in Campodolcino, Italy. Benford will compete in the senior men’s division. Many congrats on a mighty achievement. 


Melvin Lee Page

Melvin Lee Page

Man Arrested for Drive-By Shooting in Southern Jackson County

A Charleston man was arrested last week and charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment in connection with a drive-by shooting that occurred in June in southern Jackson County. Allegedly, Melvin Lee Page, 39, decided to drive by his estranged wife’s house, pull out a gun and fire at a car parked in front of the house. An adult male and juvenile were in the parked car. No one was injured in the drive-by and no word as to why the two were just hanging out in a parked car in front of this woman’s house. Regardless, Mr. Page’s mugshot is a doozie! You’ll be happy to know this guy is out on bond while he awaits his preliminary hearing.

Woman Arrested for Biting Aunt

In sick and twisted news, Megan Skeen, 18, of Ravenswood, downed a few alcoholic beverages and then assaulted her aunt by hitting her, spitting on her and eventually biting her in the breast. Skeen was charged with domestic battery, assault and underage consumption.

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In a follow-up to “Really? I mean … really?”

Posted by JoAnn on August 3, 2009

3737021384_a7c00e1372Newport News postpones ‘celebration’ for Michael Vick

And just like that, someone in the Vick camp grows a brain.  After much planning and a weekend’s worth of backlash, Michael Vick suddenly remembers he can’t attend a “community celebration” in his honor because he has a prior date with the Humane Society in Atlanta.  A photo op is a photo op … the city is not important.

Original Post:  Really?  I mean … really?

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Really? I mean … really?

Posted by JoAnn on August 3, 2009

GYI0050751573.jpgIt appears, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is hosting a — and I quote — Michael Vick Community Celebration day.

***scratches head***

So what exactly does a Michael Vick Community Celebration day entail? Apparently, face painting, pony rides, music and other kitschy activities. Vick plans to speak at the event and spread Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of non-violence. So how does such a fun-filled day for the whole family to enjoy come about? It seems the shin-dig was Vick’s idea. One of the event’s organizers told the Associated Press — and again, I quote — “Vick wanted to give back to the community, like he always does.”


Look, I think what Vick did was atrocious, grotesque and maniacal. But he was convicted, sentenced and served his time. He should be given a chance to redeem himself.  HOWEVER … Michael Vick Community Celebration day? Really?  Shouldn’t he … ya’ know … actually redeem himself  … before celebrating himself?

I smell a publicity stunt … and one that may produce the exact opposite reaction that Vick’s camp is hoping for. If he really wants to get out and endorse an event that promotes non-violent solutions, perhaps he should have elected to keep his name out of it. If he wants to rebuild the public’s trust, he needs to earn it.

Right now, Michael Vick is not a role model. He is a rehabilitated convicted felon. There is nothing about that which merits a community-wide celebration. Maybe over time that will change. Maybe he really has learned from his criminal behavior and he will lead a life worth celebrating someday. Only time will tell. But when the people of Newport News get together and celebrate a day of pony rides in his name, I can’t help but think that in a jail cell somewhere in North Carolina, Rae Carruth is planning Rae Carruth Day at the local women’s shelter … to take place in five to 10.

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