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JSN Update 7/22/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 22, 2009

At Least 50 Indicted on Meth Charges in Jackson County, Arraignments Begin This Week

wsaz_jacksondrugindictments_02It will be an interesting day tomorrow at the Jackson County Courthouse as the arraignments begin for the more than 50 people who were indicted last week on a combined total of more than 1,000 charges involving meth. The charges include counts of conspiracy, manufacturing and distribution. For some of us RHS kids from the 1990s, you’ll recognize a few names in the major crackdown including local criminal attorney and class of ’96 grad Jessica Sullivan. Also arrested among the 50 indictments are Andrea Stutler, class of ’96 as well as Tiffany Stalnaker and Michael Stone, both class of ’98. Another familiar name among the bunch is Clifford Easthom, though I’m not really sure of his graduation year. For some of you younger folks, you might recognize the names of Megan and Danielle LaCava, who were also arrested. What I find particularly sad is that while the arrests spanned the entire county, the majority were in Ravenswood.

Obviously, its easy to rush to judgment but remember, these folks have only been charged and not convicted at this time. Therefore, they are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Having said that, if you’re making regular visits to the local Rite Aid and stocking up on the maximum allotment of Sudafed each month, it’s easy to see why some folks might be the target of an investigation. When you also proceed to buy other common ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine, I’m sure that does not bode well.  I’m glad to see local law enforcement is working to try and clean up the drug problem in Jackson County. Below are mug shots of Stutler, Stone and the LaCava girls. I’m working on obtaining the mug shot of Stalnaker. As for Sullivan, she posted bond right after booking and never went to the regional jail so no mug shot is available. A complete list of those arrested is available online at the Jackson Newspapers Web site.

Andrea Stutler

Andrea Stutler

Michael Stone

Michael Stone

Megan LaCava

Megan LaCava

Danielle LaCava

Danielle LaCava

Tiffany Stalnaker

Tiffany Stalnaker

Clifford Easthom

Clifford Easthom


5 Responses to “JSN Update 7/22/09”

  1. JoAnn said

    I’m mildly amused that the program that automatically identifies related posts has pulled a post about Michael jackson’s mother getting custody of his kids. How that relates to a bunch of folks in Jackson County, W.Va. getting busted for meth is beyond me.

  2. Jeremiah said

    can’t believe you found the tiffany mugshot, i searched for it yesterday!!! such a shame, i remember when she used to work at the chinese place in rwood. she was always a nice person to chat with when i would go in after school to eat an eggroll..

  3. Jenna Scarberry said

    Tiffany and I were neighbors in elementary and middle school. She was a two-faced little thing, always trying to play people off against one another. I guess some things don’t change with age.

  4. tiffany stalnaker said

    to ms. jenna scarberry. which whom i dont recall. you seem like you know me well. who ever the hell you are, drop it!!! yeah, yeah nice mugshot. ive been look’in for it to. ha.ha.
    and for you to be commenting on here about me, obviously your the two-faced bitch……

  5. Weihnachtsdeko…

    […]JSN Update 7/22/09 « JoAnn in Real Life[…]…

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