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WV v. Florida – Round 1

Posted by JoAnn on July 6, 2009

US-News-World-Report_worst driversToday, I present WV v. Florida: the battle between my beloved home state and my sunny adopted state.

Last month, GMAC Insurance released the results from its annual National Drivers Test, which is given to more than 5,000 drivers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia and measures basic knowledge of driving laws. New York took the cake for deplorable highway habits. But when it came down to West Virginia versus Florida, West Virginia gets a pass while Florida … well … you failed. 

In a press release, GMAC explained that 20.1 percent of licensed Americans –  roughly 41 million drivers on the road – would not pass a written drivers test exam if taken today.  Most of have trouble with questions about yellow lights and safe following distances. I would guess this is where Florida got in trouble. I’m guessing that, along with the purpose of turn signals (yes, they have a purpose), helped tank Florida at 43 out of 51.

As for West Virginia, well you win this battle but not with flying colors. The Mountain State ranked 28th, which wouldn’t even get you a C in high school driver’s ed on a bell curve. If you want to know how you would do on the test, you can take it at Even better, after you’ve finished the quiz, GMAC has a driving game that teaches you how to dodge, deer, elderly people and aliens. Yes. You heard me right. Old people and aliens.

Our score after Round 1 of WV v. Florida is:

West Virginia — 1

Florida — 0


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