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JSN Update 7/31/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 31, 2009


Plane Crashes Near Skull Run Road

A man died last night after his single engine plane crashed near Skull Run Road just north of Ravenswood.

The plane, which took off from Nebraska, was headed for Indiana but veered seriously off course. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) scrambled F-16 figther jets in an attempt to intercept the plane after the pilot failed to respond to air traffic controllers.

The military pilots dropped flares and tried to contact the pilot, before making visual contact with the small plane’s cockpit and determining the pilot was unconscious. No other person was in the plane. The plane ran out of fuel near Henderson, W.Va. and crashed a short time later in Jackson County. As of this morning’s news reports, Skull Run Road continues to be shut down.


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JSN Update 7/29/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 29, 2009

Library - 4493Headline Fail

Now typos are just a part of life, and as hard as you try in journalism to avoid them, they sometimes slip through. However, when you’re writing a headline for the front page of the newspaper that deals with education, it’s probably best not to misspell the principal’s name. For the record, the new RHS principal’s last name is Hendricks, with a d.  Remember Jackson Herald, proofreaders are your friend.

Fair Rakes in Serious Cash

The Jackson County Junior Fair was a big success this year, bringing in nearly $340,000 in the market livestock sale. The total is the second highest in the fair’s history. Not too shabby!  And that’s during a recession. Congrats to all the kids who made the fair a success.

Class of ’84 Plans Reunion

The class of ’84 is gearing up for a 25-year reunion scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 5. The activities begin at 11:30 a.m. with lunch at the NYA Hall. Later that evening, there will be a mixer of sorts featuring a live band, also at the NYA Hall. The following Sunday, classmates are invited to a day of golf of food at Green Hills Country Club. Information is available by contacting Mark Yencha at 304-512-9166.

Matics and Foltz

Matics and Foltz

Matics Announces Engagement

Many congrats go out to Scotti Matics, class of ’00, and her fiance, Wesley Foltz. The lovely couple recently announced their engagement. They are planning an October wedding in Ravenswood. Scotti is currently employed by the WVU School of Medicine and her husband-to-be is employed by the WVU School of Dentistry. They will reside in Morgantown. Congratulations!

Roush Welcomes Baby Girl

Heather Clay-Roush, class of ’97, and her husband Billy Roush recently welcomed a baby girl into their growing family. The little tike, which they named Reese, joins big brother, River. Many congrats!

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A Minor Housekeeping Note

Posted by JoAnn on July 23, 2009

22619_yellow_man_wearing_a_tie_using_a_mop_while_mopping_a_hard_floor_to_clean_up_a_mess_or_spillI’ve been asked twice now in the past month about whether or not you can comment directly to my blog posts. The answer is yes. If you’re on the main page and see a post you’d like to comment on, simply click on the “comments” link at the bottom and it will take you to the post with a comment box at the bottom. You are required to enter in your e-mail address (WordPress rules, not mine), but it does not publish that with your comment so no worries. Thanks for reading!

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JSN Update 7/23/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 23, 2009

Meth Busts Lead to a Busy Day at the Courthouse

As stated in the previous blog entry, arraignments began this morning for the 50 people indicted on a variety of charges involving meth. At least 20071112-gansl30 people will be arraigned today and the remainder will face a judge on subsequent days. Read More.

When Geese Attack

CSX Transportation successfully defended itself in court against a claim it was to blame for a goose injuring a conductor. Train conductor Aaron E. Richards sued the rail company for a 2005 incident in which Richards was performing a routine brake test at the Keyser Receiving Yard in Ravenswood when a goose suddenly jumped out from underneath the railcar, struck Richards and caused him to fall. During the trial this week, jurors found in favor of CSX.

Century Steelworkers Receive Contract Extension

Laid off steelworkers at Century Aluminum‘s Ravenswood plant have received a contract extension, even though the plant currently is not operational. Century closed the plant earlier this year citing a lack of demand and low pricing for aluminum. Nearly 700 people were laid off. Today, only a small crew of 16 steelworkers remain as a maintenance crew. For those workers, as well as those currently laid off, the extended contract provides extended insurance coverage. It also provides sub-pay for those laid off. The agreement, which was set to expire in August, will now run through August 2010.

New Principal Hired for RHS

In what feels like a round of musical chairs, Jaquetta “Jo” Hendricks has been named principal of Ravenswood High School, replacing Kent Kenndy who was recently hired as principal of Ripley High School. Since Hendricks most recently served as assistant principal of Ripley High, that means the search is now on to replace her. Maybe they’ll pluck someone from Ravenswood and keep the trend going. Hendricks is a Ravenswood native and is a graduate of Glenville State College, and has two master’s degrees – one from Marshall University and one from West Virginia College of Graduate Studies. Congrats to Ms. Hendricks and best of luck.

County Fair is Under Way

The Jackson County Junior Fair is in full swing this week. If any of you locals have any pictures from fair activities, please send them to and I’ll post them.

The Good News

A big congratulations goes out to Josh Wince, class of ’98 and his new bride, the lovely Shari Woods. The couple got hitched earlier this month in Las Vegas. Shari works at Tygart Valley Regional Jail as a criminal psychologist and Buck (sorry, but you’ll always be Buck to me) is a state trooper in the Elkins area. Many, many congrats to you both!

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JSN Update 7/22/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 22, 2009

At Least 50 Indicted on Meth Charges in Jackson County, Arraignments Begin This Week

wsaz_jacksondrugindictments_02It will be an interesting day tomorrow at the Jackson County Courthouse as the arraignments begin for the more than 50 people who were indicted last week on a combined total of more than 1,000 charges involving meth. The charges include counts of conspiracy, manufacturing and distribution. For some of us RHS kids from the 1990s, you’ll recognize a few names in the major crackdown including local criminal attorney and class of ’96 grad Jessica Sullivan. Also arrested among the 50 indictments are Andrea Stutler, class of ’96 as well as Tiffany Stalnaker and Michael Stone, both class of ’98. Another familiar name among the bunch is Clifford Easthom, though I’m not really sure of his graduation year. For some of you younger folks, you might recognize the names of Megan and Danielle LaCava, who were also arrested. What I find particularly sad is that while the arrests spanned the entire county, the majority were in Ravenswood.

Obviously, its easy to rush to judgment but remember, these folks have only been charged and not convicted at this time. Therefore, they are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Having said that, if you’re making regular visits to the local Rite Aid and stocking up on the maximum allotment of Sudafed each month, it’s easy to see why some folks might be the target of an investigation. When you also proceed to buy other common ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine, I’m sure that does not bode well.  I’m glad to see local law enforcement is working to try and clean up the drug problem in Jackson County. Below are mug shots of Stutler, Stone and the LaCava girls. I’m working on obtaining the mug shot of Stalnaker. As for Sullivan, she posted bond right after booking and never went to the regional jail so no mug shot is available. A complete list of those arrested is available online at the Jackson Newspapers Web site.

Andrea Stutler

Andrea Stutler

Michael Stone

Michael Stone

Megan LaCava

Megan LaCava

Danielle LaCava

Danielle LaCava

Tiffany Stalnaker

Tiffany Stalnaker

Clifford Easthom

Clifford Easthom

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JSN Update 7/16/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 16, 2009

Today’s update is brought to you by

Ripley Pharmacy, I Have Good News.  You’re Not the Only One!

homer-dohRipley Pharmacy, take note. You are not the only ones who thought handing out candy in prescription bottles to children was a good idea. Apparently, employees at a Sam’s Club in Maryland had the same idea — and they did it a week prior to the Ripley Pharmacy doing it. Yet the small town pharmacy is the one that made the national wires!

prescription_bottle(If I’ve lost you on this one, please visit JSN Update 7/14/09 and catch up.)

Anyway, the Sam’s Club in Salisbury Maryland decided to promote their pharmacy in late June by handing out the same type of candy-filled prescription bottles as what were handed out by Ripley Pharmacy during the July 4th parade in Ripley. I still think the whole promotion was not the most socially responsible thing to do, but definitely think parents overreacted on this one. I mean, I don’t recall any of our parents ever freaking out when the boys would buy those fake candy pills at Spencer’s during school trips. Remember those?

Ah, memories.

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UPDATE to JSN Update 7/15/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 15, 2009

Ravenswood Man Dies Following Traffic Accident with Police Cruiser

In a follow-up to this morning’s story, multiple sources have confirmed that Jesse Wolfe, 19, of Ravenswood, passed away today at Raleigh General Hospital due to injuries sustained during a traffic accident.  The accident occurred late Tuesday night on Interstate 77 near Beckley, W.Va. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

The original blog post can be read here:  JSN Update – 7/15/09

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JSN Update 7/15/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 15, 2009

Today’s Jackson Star News Update is actually brought to you courtesy of WVVA in Bluefield, W.Va. and WSAZ in Charleston, W.Va.

19-Year-Old Ravenswood Man Hits Police Cruiser

Paul Hundley

Paul Hundley

A Ravenswood man is in critical condition after his car crashed into a police cruiser Tuesday night in Raleigh County.  Corporal C. B. Payne with the West Virginia State Police made a routine traffic stop of a suspected drunk driver around 11:30 p.m. on Interstate 77 near Beckley. Paul Hundley, 41, was arrested during the traffic stop on suspicion of DUI. Hundley was traveling with his girlfriend, 41-year-old Lisa Akers, both of Princeton. Following Hundley’s arrest, the trio was waiting alongside the highway for a wrecker to arrive and retrieve Hundley’s vehicle. Payne and Hundley were waiting inside the police cruiser, while Akers waited outside standing alongside the passenger side of the cruiser. 

Jesse Wolfe, 19, of Ravenswood, was traveling along the same side of the highway when, for an unknown reason, veered off the road and slammed into the police cruiser. Initial reports indicate Wolfe fell asleep behind the wheel. All individuals involved were taken to area hospitals. Hundley was treated and released and then sent to Southern Regional Jail. Payne was treated and released. Akers remains in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Wolfe remains in the hospital and is currently listed in critical condition.

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JSN Update – 7/14/09

Posted by JoAnn on July 14, 2009

Sandy Creek - Ravenswood, WV

Sandy Creek - Ravenswood, W.Va.

Dead Body Found in Sandy Creek

Authorities have identified the body of a man pulled from Sandy Creek in Ravenswood last week. According to Chief Deputy Bruce DeWees of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, the body of Eduardo P. Arellano was discovered by a local fisherman Thursday, July 9. The 30-year-old man was a resident of Sandy Creek Trailer Park in Ravenswood. He was reported missing July 4. No details are currently available as to the cause or time of death. Stay tuned.

Candy Pills Create Buzz

A Ripley pharmacy made national news during the July 4th holiday festivities after doling out fake prescription bottles filled with candy on the parade route. Some parents were less than pleased, fearing candy in prescription bottles sends the wrong message to kids and raised a ruckus that attracted local television stations and even generated a buzz on the national wire service. Some people said they were not offended by the promotion, saying it’s a parent’s responsibility to keep prescription medication out of the hands of children. It’s clear the pharmacy did not intend any harm and were trying to promote themselves in a fun way. In fact, prior to the parents’ complaints, the pharmacy was awarded third place in the July 4th float contest for their creative pill costumes and candy giveaways. Now many of us grew up in a generation of candy cigarettes and cigar bubblegume! Nevermind the fact that my sisters and I would pretend Good & Plenty candies were pills whenever treating patients at our stuffed animals hospital. But the real question is, did the pharmacy deserve the hefty dose of parental backlash? Time to sound off!

Fireworks Rescheduled

Ripley’s July 4th fireworks extravaganza, which was cancelled due to inclement weather, has been rescheduled for 10 p.m., September 5, which is Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!

Kroger Fuels Up

In other Ripley news, Kroger opened its fuel center last week, offering gasoline, diesel, auto supplies, candy and other miscellaneous items. The gas station, located in parking lot in front of the main store, is open from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. daily.

Armory Gets Boost from Byrd

In armory news, Jackson County could receive $19.54 million from the federal government to build a National Guard facility in Millwood if final approval is granted. The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee has approved the fiscal 2010 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill, which includes the Jackson County center funding, according to U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va. The funding measure will now go before the full Senate for consideration. Upon completion it will be reconciled with the House bill before being sent to the President for his signature.

Cope’s Supermarket Honored

Cope’s Supermarket was honored by the local Chamber of Commerce last month with a Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Business. Cope’s Supermarket was founded by Norma Jean and Garland Cope in 1941. Now here is where I get lost, because the caption in the photo says Cope’s was copesfounded in 1941 and has been operating for 56 years. Now 1941 + 56 = 1997. Last I checked, this is 2009. We’ve lost 12 years somewhere. Now if you look at their logo, it says 1953, which would equal 56 years. It’s possible Cope’s did not operate continuously throughout the years or perhaps was founded somewhere else and relocated to Jackson County or maybe the store was opened in 1941 but didn’t become Cope’s until later. I don’t really know, but a clarification would be good. Not really important, but just good to know in case it’s ever a question on one of those Facebook quizzes about Jackson County. So, does anyone know??? Feel free to post in the comment section below. Regardless, the hometown favorite is the oldest self-proprietor run business in Jackson County. Norma Jean continues to own the store and her grandson, T.J. Moore, class of ’97, serves as manager. Congrats to Cope’s Supermarket.

Lawless Twins Graduate

The Lawless twins, Morgan and Megan, class of ’04, recently graduated with masters’ degrees in occupational therapy from WVU. As you may recall, Morgan and Megan are the daughter of Mrs. Lawless, former English teacher at RHS and current RHS librarian. Congrats to the Lawless twins.

* Stay thirsty, my friends *

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Conversation with a 5-Year-Old

Posted by JoAnn on July 9, 2009

I took Oedipus the pug to the park today. There were a variety of dogs there with their owners: a jack russell, cocker spaniel, lab/pitbull mix puppy, poodle, another pug and a few mutts. There was also a little 5-year-old girl who hangs out at the park with her grandpa every now and then to play with all the dogs.

The following is a conversation that took place between me and that little girl today.

Girl:  I have a game on Nintendo DS where I take care of dogs.

Me:  How many dogs do you take care of?

Girl:  Do you know Chloe?

Me:  Who’s Chloe?

Girl:  Chloe is Paco’s girlfriend.

Me:  Who’s Paco?

Girl:  Paco is Chloe’s boyfriend.

Me:  But who’s Chloe?

Girl:  Chloe is Paco’s girlfriend.

*I scratch my head as I can see where this is going*

Me:  So who is Paco?

*Little girl throws hands on hips in frustration*

Girl:  Paco is Chloe’s boyrfriend! I already told you!

Me:  But who is Chloe?

Girl:  She’s Paco’s girlfriend!

Me:  Is Chloe a dog?

Girl:  Yes!

Me:  On your Nintendo DS?

Girl:  Of Course.

Me:  Got it.

I love the logic and line of thought of a 5-Year-Old mind.

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