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JSN Update 6/5/09

Posted by JoAnn on June 5, 2009


Angela Morrone and Lupe

Angela Morrone and Lupe

* If you were wondering whatever happened to the little Canadian chihuahua that was lost in Jackson County, we have a happy ending. As you may recall, Canada resident Angela Morrone was driving along I-77 when she lost control of her vehicle in the rain near the Medina Road exit. The wreck overturned the car, and Angela’s teacup chihuahua, Lupe, jumped out a window and ran off. Morrone received minor injuries in the accident, but was distraught when she was unable to find the pup. Her family came down  from Canada to pick  up Angela and search for the missing Lupe, but to no avail. Several days after the accident, the family received a call from Jackson County resident Nina McVey who said Lupe had been spotted on a farm near the crash site. Angela’s mom and brother returned to Jackson County to resume the search. After several days, and with the help of Nina and James McVey, the Morrones found the dog, who was malnourished and obviously scared. Lupe has been returned to Angela, and in her words, being given the royal treatment. I’m a sucker for happy endings! My favorite quote in the story came from Anegla’s mother who said, “The kindest people live in West Virginia.”  Well put, Mrs. Morrone.


* Ravenswood High School boys’ basketball coach Mick Price was honored as the Sportswriters’ West Virginia Coach of the Year. Among other honors, his basketball team won the AA state championship this year. Many kudos to the 31-year coaching veteran!

* David Wallen is getting hitched to Pt. Pleasant native Brooke Jones. I don’t know David, as he is a Ripley high grad, but we all know his lovely mama, one Mrs. Carolyn Wallen. Always one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Wallen retired from the Jackson County school system in 2006. Anyway, congrats to the entire family on the upcoming nuptials!

* Speaking of teachers, Ravenswood Grade teacher Betty Nuzum received a Target grant so she could take a gaggle of fourth graders to the Columbus Zoo for a field trip. Sounds like fun. I always liked Mrs. Nuzum too. Though all I really remember of her now is she had really long hair and she was the first person I ever knew that had a nose ring. But I’m sure I learned something in her class, and I’m sure I use that knowledge every day, because all my teachers said I would and that’s why I had to pay attention. Anyway, hope the trip was a success!

* And in exciting news, the school lunch menu has been turned into “Cooks’ Choice” for the end of the school year. No word on what those final meals were for the 2009 school year, but I’m hoping they did not include whole wheat. Health food be darned! This is the time of year where kids should eat junk and watch movies all day in class like the forever classic, “Nothing But Trouble.”

And with the end of the school year, I’ve grown tired of my Anchorman sign-off.  So for the summer, I’m stealing the line from the Most Interesting Man in the World.

Stay Thirsty My Friends.

6 Responses to “JSN Update 6/5/09”

  1. Kendra said

    That’s pretty much what I remember of Mrs. Nuzum, too. I SO WANTED my nose pierced because of her back in grade school…

  2. JoAnn said

    Hey, did ya’ know Martha got her nose pierced? Let me tell you how much Mom loved that one! But, I love it. It’s very Martha and looks cute on her.

  3. Kendra said

    Nope, didn’t know that. Maybe if she would get her ass onto Facebook like the rest of the world…Is she still in NC? (I think that’s where she was…?)

  4. JoAnn said

    Yeah, she’s in NC. I’ve been harassing her about Facebook. It takes the girl a week just to respond to a text message!

  5. Jeremiah Gregorich said

    Doesn’t Martha have a myspace or had one at some point? I seem to remember chatting with her a few years ago… Or am I completely wrong???

  6. JoAnn said

    She does, but the girl hasn’t checked it since November! I’m going to hand out Martha’s e-mail address to anyone who wants it to see if we can start a harassment campaign to get her on Facebook.

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