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Jackson Star News Update 4/30/09

Posted by JoAnn on April 30, 2009

Not sure if it’s just me, but the number of arrests for drug-related offenses in Jackson County seems awfully high these days. 

* Courtney Defrietas, of St. Albans, and Mark Province, of Parkersburg, were arrested earlier this month after a routine traffic stop in Ravenswood revealed the duo were in possession of Oxycontin AND marijuana. Because one drug isn’t enough. They were also found to be in possession of other drug paraphernalia including several scales. Don’t guess they were metering mail in their vehicle. They were arrested and charged with felony drug possession. 

* The NYA Hall got some good news last week. The building, which is in desperate need of a little TLC, is about to get an updated look. University of Charleston interior design student Tashina Angus has created a design plan for the upstairs rooms of the community building that include Earth tone pallets and complementary colors. Angus, a Ravenswood native, focused her design on the walls, floor surfaces and windows. City officials liked Angus’ designs so much, they’ve decided to secure funding to make them a reality. A timeline has not yet been set for starting the project. Kudos to Miss Angus!

* Shelter fees at Riverfront are being raised from $25 to $50. You’re supposed to pay for those?? Huh. Who knew!

* In reunion news, there are three RHS classes gearing up for reunions. 

  • Class of 1979 is planning a 30-year reunion. Class of 79ers can contact Kathy McKown Keffer at for more information.
  • Class of 1989 is gearing up for its 20th reunion which will be during Labor Day weekend. If you’re an 89er, you can contact Chris Ballard at
  • Class of 1994 is rounding up folks for their 15-year reunion. Now the class of ’94, I remember all you guys. Has it been 15 years already? Really. Shew! Anyway, Scott Hunt is leading the charge, so for all you people who were nice to me when I was a freshman just because you were friends with my sister,  you can e-mail Mr. Hunt at

* In celebratory news, the beautiful miss Jessica Scritchfield, class of ’04, will be wedding her beau, Mr. Jeremy Wooten, this September in Hawaii. CONGRATS!

* Cory Colley, class of 99, is wedding the lovely miss Christian Michelle Houser, of Texas. A summer wedding is being planned and the couple plans to reside in Nasville, TN. CONGRATS all around!

* In honor of the Class of ’94’s upcoming reunion, we are bringing back the “Where Are They Now?” segment. In this issue, we’re putting out an APB on Elizabeth Adams, class of ’94. Have you seen her? Talked to her? Or know anything about Ms. Adams since she graduated 15 years ago, leave a comment and let us know. And don’t forget, if there are RHS grads you would like to locate, send me an e-mail at and I’ll list them in an upcoming post. There are no guarantees information will turn up, but the readers usually turn up something. 

Until next time, stay classy San Diego.


10 Responses to “Jackson Star News Update 4/30/09”

  1. Jeremiah Gregorich said

    lets have a where are they now on tara sheets…every since she got married i haven’t seen her. . . .

  2. Jeremiah Gregorich said

    why in the world did they up the river front from $25 to $50??
    I could understand $30 or $35, but $50 is a bit too much. Sad thing is i was going to try to reserve it this summer, screw that I will take my $50 and do someting else with it. Bad move.

  3. Julie Liegey said

    I have no clue what Elizabeth is up to now, but her little sister is on my friends list on Facebook. She married David Hood, so her name is Katy Adams Hood on there. I’m sure she’d be able to tell you what her sis is doing these days!

  4. JoAnn said

    Jeremiah, Tara is a good one. She was at our 10-year reunion and looked great and seemed very happy. She was teaching I believe in Ohio. I would also like to track down her contact information so I’ll be sure to post that on the next one. Thanks!

    As for the shelter fees, I agree. Doubling the price seemed a bit steep to me.

    Julie, thanks for the tip! I don’t really know Katy, but David is on my friends’ list. At least I think he is. Maybe I’ll start there.

  5. Jeremiah Gregorich said

    oh didn’t know tara was at the reunion, i’ll have to look through your pictures again and see if i can stop her. I believe both her and her husband (if she is still married) are school teachers, i want to say that tara is teaching history??? I know her brother michael sheets married that subsitute teacher ms. pew (she was a black belt) years ago, and i used to see her around town..but its been awhile.

    i was driving in ripley about months ago and saw tara walking on main street, but i was in a hurry and couldn’t stop to say hey…
    hopefully someone will have her contacts… if nothing else i will give her parents a ring lol

  6. Mindy Berry (Maynard) said

    Is the class of ’99 having a 10 year reunion? Haven’t heard anything.

  7. JoAnn said

    Hmmm … Good question … let me see what I can find out.

  8. Mindy said

    I guess Bev Yeager is working on it.

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  10. Jessica said

    Haha Courtney got arrested shes my x bestfriend shes one of the top drugies in pburg I knew that was coming karma gets Ya lmao

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