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Jackson Star News Update 4/20/09

Posted by JoAnn on April 20, 2009

Hold on to your seats, kids!  The school lunch menu is back.

* In news I just don’t understand, the Jackson Herald published a story last week on the front page with the headline that reads “Public Meeting Set Thursday for Armory” and by Thursday, it’s referring to April 16.  But on the SAME front page, there’s a story in the side rail with the headline “Ravenswood Town Meet Rescheduled.”   *Jo scratches her head in confusion*  Could there be two different meetings? Possible. But both stories refer to a meeting about the National Guard armory being planned for Millwood. And the story about a meeting being rescheduled to April 30 says the meeting was originally scheduled for April 16. Are you following me here?  Is it possible there were two different meeting scheduled for April 16 about the proposed armory and only one is rescheduled? It’s certainly possible. But it’s also possible that it’s going to snow today in Miami. Now let’s consider probability. Regardless, I think Jackson Newspapers could do a little more proofreading. If there are two meetings, then that should be spelled out somewhere to alleviate confusion. And if there’s only one meeting we’re dealing with here, then proofread the front page!  I mean the stories appear right across from each other. To make matters worse, The Jackson Star News published the same item about the armory meeting two days later with a headline that reads “Armory Meeting Tonight.”  Was it really? Did the meeting happen? Who knows. But I look forward to finding out!

Silverton VFD and their spiff new truck.

Silverton VFD and their spiffy new truck.

* The Silverton Volunteer Fire Department has taken ownership of a pretty spiffy new fire engine that should help the local VFD better serve northern Jackson County. The $330,000 vehicle was paid for with state and county funds as well as a loan and money raised by the VFD. It comes with all sorts of neat features including a Compressed Air Foam system. Basically, the foam subdues a fire quicker by cooling the fire while sucking the oxygen right out of it. This means less water is needed in fighting fires, which in addition to improving firefighters’ abilities to fight fires, also makes this fire engine more eco-friendly. Congrats to Fire Chief Jason Baltic, class of ’97, and all the hardworking volunteers on the new toy. Best of luck in all the hard work you do!

* The Ravenswood pool is getting a new diving board as well as some other new trinkets for the 2009 swimming season. Pending no major issues, it appears the pool will open as scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.

* Robin Wise, former Ripley High School financial secretary, has waived a preliminary hearing in magistrate court and should be headed for a grand jury in the near future. Wise, as you may recall, is said to have stolen more than $52,000 in 2008 from the high school while working there. The Board of Education is currently considering a financial audit that examines more than a year, considering Wise worked for the high school for nearly 10 years.

Kay, Huffman and Tribett

Kay, Huffman and Tribett

* In today’s offender search, I bring you Ronald Lee Kay, 41; Tracie Lynn Huffman, 21; and Brooke LeAnn Tribett, 19. The Jackson County trio was traveling along I-77 when a police officer noticed Mr. Kay driving and knew that said driver had a revoked driver’s license. Sad when cops don’t even have to look anything up on a guy … they just already know. Anyway, our observant officer pulled the vehicle over and Kay decided to offer up the fact that he was in possession of a clandestine meth lab. A search of the vehicle turned up a plastic baggie of red phosphorus, an improvised gas generator in a Gatorade bottle, a trash can containing matches, a box of Rite Aid pseudoephedrine (note to JSN spellcheckers, it’s not sudafederine) and other items consistent with a clandestine lab. Needless to say, the trio has been charged with felony possession of methamphetamine lab components and operating or attempting to operate a clandestine methamphetamine lab.

* On tomorrow’s school lunch menu, the kiddies will be dining on turkey noodle soup, whole wheat roll (grrrr!), tossed salad, grapes, crackers, milk.

Until next time, stay classy San Diego.

5 Responses to “Jackson Star News Update 4/20/09”

  1. Jeremy Woodard said

    I will have to say that I am a total fan of the whole wheat roll!! Sorry JoJo. Whole grains have recently made me partially famous HAHA! All Power to the whole wheat roll revolution!!!!

  2. Jared Hunt said

    Hey, to shed light on our front page thing. They were two separate meetings. Mayor Lucy Harbert had previously scheduled one of her regular “Town Meetings” for April 16, you know, to give the good citizens a chance to talk about dog poo and whatnot. We previously ran details about her town meeting in a prior edition of the Star. But she didn’t realize when she announced the Town Meeting that the Jackson County Commission had scheduled a public meeting with the National Guard about the proposed Millwood Armory that same night at the same time. So, on paper day, she calls me at the last minute on my cell phone with an, “Oh can you put something in the paper?” request and I hastily type up her blurb saying she’s rescheduling the town meeting so the fair citizens of Ravenswood can attend the Jackson County Commission meeting and bug Don Stephens for an evening. You may not have gotten your renewed subscription in time to read about the Ravenswood Town Meeting.

    Anyways, yes, the Armory meeting did occur and, unfortunately, I had to cover it…..all two and a half hours of it….BOOO!! I missed out on spending time with a ladyfriend over it too!!! The perils of journalism, I tell ya.

  3. kaydee76 said

    Tribett is entirely too happy for someone posing for a mug shot. Must have been some damn good meth.

  4. JoAnn said

    Jared, thanks for clearing that up. It was very confusing. So I’m guessing the line in the rail story about rescheduling the meeting so more people could attend to hear about the armory was actually referring to Mayor Lucy rescheduling her meeting so more people could attend the meeting on the 16th about the armory. The way the sentence read, could’ve been interpreted to mean that Mayor Lucy was saying the armory meeting was being rescheduled to a more convenient date so more people could attend. It wasn’t clear that Mayor Lucy was referring to two different meetings. Now it’s much clearer. I’m glad we have you here to explain things!

    Next time, tell Mayor Lucy to plan a little better so you have the time you need to get the things done you need to get done.

    So about this armory … any idea if and when it’s going to be coming to Millwood? Sounds like a very exciting prospect!

  5. JoAnn said

    Oh and to Jeremy, normally I would agree with you. Whole wheat is certainly a friend … EXCEPT … when it replaces those delicious hot rolls. I can forgive the replacement of any other starchy product with whole wheat … but not those wonderful hot rolls. Next thing you know, the school will be serving round pizzas instead of the rectangles! The insanity must be stopped!

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