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Jackson Star News Update 4/13/09

Posted by JoAnn on April 13, 2009

The kiddies are on Spring Break this week. Next week, keep an eye out for the triumphant return of the school lunch menu!  *SPOILER ALERT*  I hear the whole wheat roll is up to its old tricks.

  • A Ripley High School freshman girl was expelled this month after getting into a fight that resulted in a teacher being injured. Gym teacher Tess Gump was on before-school duty when the fight broke out between two girls in the gymnasium. Gump attempted to break up the fight, and one of the girls shoved the teacher off the bleachers. She struck her head on the gym floor and was knocked unconcious. Under the state’s safe schools law, when a student’s malicious conduct results in an injury to a teacher, the penalty is expulsion. The student will be allowed to return to public school in April 2010.  So do you think such an action should result in an automatic expulsion? Sound off in the first-ever JSN Update Poll!!!
  • Vanessa McClung, 44, the former treasurer of the Ravenswood High School Band Boosters who stole more than $4,800 from the bandies, has pleaded guilty to reduced charges and paid restitution to the band boosters. She was sentenced to one year of probation.
  • The Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is experiencing a resurgence with a new president and a new focus on community involvement. One of its first items of business was to conduct a food drive to help stock the local food pantry, a project developed by T.J. Moore of Cope’s Supermarket fame, a class of ’97 grad and member of the chamber. Congrats to the chamber for a great project and best of luck in your future ventures.
  • There’s going to be a public meeting April 16 at Ravenswood High School to discuss plans for a National Guard Armory planned for Millwood. This is news to me, but sounds exciting. If anyone knows anything about this armory, please share with us in the comments section.
  • In happy news, Brad Stephenson, class of ’95, and his lovely wife Gayle, welcomed a baby girl into this world over the weekend and named her Sadie Rose. As Brad so aptly put it, he is now a legitimate answer to the question, “Who’s your daddy.” Congrats to the lovely family!
  • In this week’s offender search, I bring you Robert Orville West, 24, and Jonathan Dan Isom II, also 24. The pair of thieves dumped a Plymouth Breeze stolen in Michigan at Jackson General Hospital earlier this month after a collision on I-77. They then broke into and hot-wired a hospital employee’s van to make their escape and were nabbed on the West Virginia Turnpike by State Police Troopers. The duo faces grand larceny charges here in addition to charges in Michigan. Enjoy their mug shots below.




Until next time, stay classy San Diego!

5 Responses to “Jackson Star News Update 4/13/09”

  1. Kendra said

    So, I want to vote “yes” in your poll, but I don’t like the “rules are rules” part. That’s oversimplified. I think automatic expulsion is appropriate, not because rules are rules, but because students who take “malicious action” against anyone in a school setting shouldn’t be mainstreamed where they can continue to harm people and disrupt what’s supposed to be happening. If it were up to me, the expulsion would happen for “malicious action” against anyone, not just teachers.

    (Apparently I have become a grumpy old man??)

  2. JoAnn said

    I updated the poll accordingly, because I agree with you. Actually, that’s kind of what I mean when I said rules are rules. By that I mean if you act like an idiot, there’s one rule for you. But in looking at it again, it read like a technicality, so I got rid of the commentary and left it with a simple “yes.” You’re not a grumpy old man, because I think the same way, and I don’t consider myself a grumpy old man. I wouldn’t look good with all that extra ear hair.

  3. Ryan said

    I know I’m a grumpy old man, so I’m not even going to make mention of my ear hair. Anyway, I think the punishment is pretty much appropriate, perhaps on the fringe of being too little. Don’t allow her back in period. It’s example making time! Make her sit in an alternative setting and complete her education in solitude. Take her whole high school experience away. She wants to buck the system, she needs to learn what happens when the system is bucked, before it’s too late. Too many people I know, myself included, needed that lesson years ago. Now you know… and knowing’s… half the battle.

  4. Jeremiah Gregorich said

    so glad you are posting updates again… i was really missing the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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